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About Sexual Hazing in California

What is Sexual Hazing?

Any activity or action which causes mental or physical anxiety or harm and which in any way degrades, or disgraces a person in some sexual manner is considered sexual hazing. It does not matter whether it involves people of like gender or different genders, nor whether the action was intentional or not. Sexual hazing can occur in a school setting, as part of a sports team, other social groups or it can also be found in work or government settings. Any actions which sexually degrade another are not only unethical but illegal.

Such actions can cause various degrees of mental and physical harm to an individual and often the person is unclear as to their rights as far as what they can do to defend themselves or ensure the sexual hazing or harassment ends. Anyone who has experienced sexual hazing has the right to take action to correct those responsible so that their actions are halted and the harm being done is not continued, and also so that others are not tormented in the future. Contact a California sexual abuse lawyer from Manly, Stewart & Finaldi to take action against the responsible parties.

Are you a Survivor of Sexual Hazing in California?

If you have experienced sexual hazing you can take action to get redress of the wrong done to you. No matter the severity of the experience, if it has caused you mental or physical harm or anxiety you should take action. Don't allow for the chance that you could be made to experience such humiliation and or harm again. We are experienced in handling sexual hazing cases and offer you skilled and compassionate representation in your time of need.

Contact a California sexual hazing attorney for help with your case.

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